March Wine Club

$25 Level

Genesis Meritage 2010Genesis Meritage 2010

This bold and structured red from the Columbia Valley in Washington is a blend of Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. Genesis is produced by the Hogue family who have been making good and affordable wines for over 30 years.

This 2010 vintage was $15 when introduced a few years ago. It’s only $10 for Wine Club members. The aging on this wine has softened the tannins and oakiness. It’s quite pleasant, with dark cherry and coffee notes. A great wine to serve with elk or lamb.

Both Levels choose one of the following:

De Forville ArneisDe Forville Arneis 2013

Hailing from Langhe, in the heart of Piedmont, Italy, this Arneis is a perfect late winter white with its pear and fennel nose and fuller bodied texture. Arneis means little rascal in Piemontese because of its difficulty to grow. It is a varietal with aging capability as you will see in this wine. Normally $22 a bottle, this closeout wine is a great opportunity to explore the intriguing characteristics of a slightly aged white. It’s available for Wine Club at $17.50. This is currently one of our favorite whites! Great with minestrone soup.


DolcettoPecchenino Dolcetto 2015

Dolcetto, the little sweet one, is a favorite of mine. I found this particular wine rich and easygoing. Unlike its translation, the wine is dry and a perfect complement to any tomato-based dish. I served it with Spicy Freekeh & Lamb Meatball Soup (see recipe). From Dogliani, Piedmont, Pecchenino has a lovely bouquet of fresh raspberry and blackberry notes. Pecchenino is fermented in stainless steel, allowing the grapes to be the main focal point and the wine a perfect accompaniment to your next pasta dish!

$35 Level

Petit VerdotChaman Petit Verdot 2014

What? A Petit Verdot form Argentina! Inky is the word to best describe this dark, rich and silky red. Chaman has elegance with depth and grace, a description we all would like to be associated with. A Chaman, or “Shaman” in English, is a mentor who brings guidance to the present by accessing knowledge of the past—mysterious, magical, and inspiring. This wine pays homage to the enchantment handed down by Luis’ mentor, father and vineyard shaman, José Reginato.

The Reginato family has been growing grapes in the Uco Valley for over 60 years, and Luis saw great potential in varietals like Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc since the cool climate allows for full ripening and maturity, creating intense wines with structure and balanced acidity while staying fun to drink. Luis has risen to the top of the scene as a pioneer of Mendoza with less common varietals, making Chaman stand out in an often Malbec-dominated category. This is a great wine to serve with any grilled meat or aged cheese.

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