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Keens Cheddar

Withstanding the Test of Time

Keens Cheddar has been around since 1899. This champion of cheddars is produced in Somerset England by the Keen family. Made from grass fed Frisian cows milks, pressed for three days, clothbound, and aged for up to 18, this cheddar has a condensed, developed flavor. Bright and tangy , with a distinct sharpness, Keens cheddar has a smooth mouthfeel and crumbly texture. This would pair well with our garlic salami, a classic mustard, apples, cornichons, or crackers. Add it to any sandwich, a hamburger, mac n’ cheese or, melt it on vegetables for a little something extra

Meredith DairyBright Young Thing

Meredith Dairy Marinated Feta hails from Australia, and is a blend of sheep and goats milk . Full of flavor, unctuous cubes of feta swim languidly in olive oil, garlic and herbs. This is an incredibly versatile cheese and is ideal for breakfast with eggs, a bite in the afternoon or top off any salad, pizza, or grilled meat. This Cheese is sure to become a staple in your cooking arsenal. There is also the added bonus of the infused olive oil that is great in vinaigrettes, dipping bread or, cooking with, the uses are endless.

Recommend Pairings (10% off )

Keens Cheddar

Garlic salami, burgundy mustard, cornichons, Dupont Cider

Marinated Feta

Clairette deDie, Firehook sea salt cracker

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