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Palazzo della Torre$35 Level

2010 Palazzo della Torre

“Made from 30% dried grapes in the Amarone method, this delicious wine is loaded with mouthwatering black cherry, carob and fig flavors, with touches of mocha and nutmeg. It’s silky smooth, with polished tannins, fresh acidity and depth that offers effortless drinkability and pleasure.”

The Allegrini family has been producing wine in Valpolicella since the 16th century. Valpolicella, one of the most prestigious wine-making regions in Italy, has been dedicated to wine-making since ancient times as the etymology of its name suggests: “val polis cellae” means, in fact, “the valley of many cellars.”

Giovanni Allegrini was the founder of the new generation. He was extremely proud to be part of the Valpolicella, and was among the first in questioning local viticultural techniques, revolutionizing accepted practices and speaking clearly about quality. He was able to combine the science of enology with strict grape selection, and between 1960 and 1970, made some of the Valpolicella’s best wines.

BOTH LEVELS choose one of the following:

Bodega Ontañón is a multi-generational, family-owned winery located in Rioja baja. Their 620 acres of vineyard land sit high in the Sierra Yerga Mountains outside of the township of Quel, which has been one of Rioja’s outstanding winemaking centers for three centuries.

Ontanon Vetiver2010 Ontañón Vetiver

Ontañón Vetiver is composed of 100% Viura, a grape indigenous to Rioja, but known in other parts of Spain as Macabeo. Viura is one of three white varieties permitted for use in White Rioja by the DOCa of Rioja (the governing body of wines from the region).

Viura is characterized by its vibrant and lively expression of the clay and limestone-rich soil in which it is grown. The wine displays subtle hints of a lifted floral component as well as a voluptuous mouthfeel reminiscent of tropical fruit, grapefruit, a touch of white pepper and toast. It is well-balanced, with a fine line of natural acidity and a round, full-bodied profile that pairs perfectly with seafood, fish, cream-based pasta sauces and roast chicken.


Ontanon Teon del Conado2011 Ontañón Teón del Condado

100% Tempranillo, the nose exhibits powerful red fruit aromas with hints of earthiness that give way to a touch of toast. Fleshy, fruit-forward, dark berry fruit on the palate interlaced with delicate tannins, significant weight and lengthy persistence. This beautiful Spanish red pairs well with cow, sheep and well-aged goat cheese, roast lamb, venison, game birds and tomato-based pasta and rice dishes.


Eyzaguirre2013 Eyzaguirre Cabernet Sauvignon

We call it the burlap wine. The bottle is wrapped in burlap which makes it immediately interesting to the eye. We also found it a delicious cab missing the green pepper attribute that is so common in wines from Chile. The winery, “EZ-GARY” is in the prestigious Colchagua Valley, renowned for its near-perfect climate for growing grapes and for wines of exceptional quality. This lovely Chilean Cabernet is a rich, deep burgundy with an aromatic profile featuring red plums and raspberries. On the palate, bright, fresh cherries with toasty elements and just a hint of pepper that would pair well with grilled ungulate!

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