October Wine Club

In keeping with our American Cheese Month celebration, we present a selection of American wines for our October Wine Club. And, thanks to Corvidae Wine Company’s intriguing interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe, everyone gets a kick of spooky fun for October.

$35 Level

Abbots TableOwen Roe Abbot’s Table 2013, Yakima Valley, Washington

Our main bottle at the $35 level is a unique, sought-after blend, comprised of 41% Zinfandel, 34% Sangiovese, 11% Malbec, 9% Blaufränkisch, and 5% Merlot. The Abbot’s Table blend was originally crafted after a dining experience of Owen Roe’s founder and winemaker, David O’Reilly. He had been told as a young man that, upon visiting abbeys around the world, he would be offered a place to dine at the monks’ tables. As an adult David spontaneously visited an abbey during a vacation to Europe and found himself seated at the Abbot’s table where he shared a home-cooked meal and lovely table wine. After a memorable trip, David returned home and created a new blend consisting of 5+ varietals from the Yakima Valley. This blend became Abbot’s Table.

Abbot’s Table has an expressive palate full of blueberry, white pepper and black tea. Lingering tannins and the characteristic mouthwatering acidity of Sangiovese balance things out and make for a satisfying finish. This big autumn red will pair well with game meats, our Fabrique Délices sausages or Sequatchie Farms Cumberland.

LenoreCorvidae Wine Company Lenore Syrah 2011, Yakima Valley, Washington

Corvidae is the Latin name for the family of birds that includes the crow, raven, jay and magpie. These “dark” birds are everywhere in the vineyards of Eastern Washington. Their reputation as crafty, adaptable and somewhat dubious characters is a fitting icon for our suspiciously terrific value wines from the region. The geology and climate here yield rich, complex fruit with luscious fragrance and acidity.

Our second bottle at the $35 level and main bottle at the $25 level is this lush, opulent Washington Syrah named after Edgar Allan Poe’s character Lenore. Fruit forward on the nose and palate—ripe dark berries are the immediate note, but there’s also a pleasantly wild and gamey hint of garrigue. Savory and rich in the finish, this red will be a go-to for lamb, burgers and quaffing. Try it with our Boerenkaas and Ascutney Mountain cheeses.

“For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore… Nameless here forevermore.

Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven

$25 Level

The Lenore above and one of the following:

Mirth ChardonnayCorvidae Wine Company Mirth Chardonnay 2012, Washington

With magpies on the label, this white option at the $25 level is hard to resist. It is a crisp, rich, unoaked and un-annoying (unlike the magpie) Chardonnay. With aromas of ripe apple, persimmon and Meyer lemon, this is a refreshing and zippy wine. A clean, lingering finish with river rock minerality makes this a fabulous choice for lemon baked chicken or fish. Would also be wonderful with a triple cream!

“One for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a wedding, four for birth…”

Old nursery rhyme about magpies

Undurraga Pinot NoirViña Undurraga Pinot Noir 2012, Maipo Valley, Chile

Our red choice at the $25 level is this delightful Chilean Pinot, representative of the high quality of Pinot Noir we’re seeing come out of Chile more frequently. A classic nose of bright red cherries with a hint of heady plum, this pinot has American-style heft but maintains an elegant balance of fruit, tannins and acidity, with subtle hints of herbs and redcurrant in the finish. Light and jammy enough to pair with a wide variety of dishes. Try this wine with our Panang curry or Bistro sausage.

Be wise like the crow and enjoy these great wines from the Pacific Northwest and South America!

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