June Wine Club

$35 Level

Treje BiscegliaTréje Bisceglia, Aglianico del Vulture, Italy 2009

Our main wine at the $35 level is a sunny, velvety blend of Aglianico, Syrah and Merlot, hence the Tréje (3). This unusual blend reflects the volcanic terroir of Mount Vulture, and the sunny, soft style endemic to Italian wines. Expressive aromas of currant, blackberry and plum follow through on the palate, with medium body, plenty of structure and soft tannins. The lingering finish reflects slight oakiness and earthiness.

This is a versatile summer red and will pair well with anything from the grill whether a spicy grilled chicken or lamb! Try grilling lamb chops rubbed with a little Harissa to add some spice.

Gran Passione

Both levels choose one of the wines from Gran Passione.

This Italian winery sources grapes from Veneto, Puglia, Campania and Piedmont. Their wines, like their name, are truly an expression of devotion to their work and the land. Both the red and the white are a reflection of passion and great values!

FalanghinaGran Passione Falanghina, Beneventano

The white option at both levels. This elegant Falanghina from southern Italy is intensely aromatic and such a rare find under $14 a bottle. The nose is bursting with notes of orange blossom, apples, pear and meyer lemon. This is a medium-bodied white with a slightly creamy mouthfeel, chalky minerallity and a dry, lingering finish. Enjoy it the traditional Napoli way with seafood, roasted vegetables and chicken. This wine will accompany our Jac du Berry, Crémeux de Bourgogne and Langa Bocconcini cheeses beautifully.

Salice SalentinoGran Passione Salice Salentino

Our red option at both levels. It is another sunny, southern Italian red made up of 100% Negroamaro. Because it is aged for a minimum of two years, this is a surprisingly hearty wine. It has a gorgeous nose with notes of cherries, raspberry and plums as well as a hint of violet, smoke and spice. Fruit forward on the palate, it also has notes of leather, cloves and cinnamon and subtle oakiness, with a long, earthy finish. A great choice for barbecue, steak or game, this is also a good choice for salami and other sausages.

$25 Level

Old Patch RedTrentadue Old Patch Red #36, Sonoma, California 2011

Our main bottle at the $25 level is a California red with the style of an Italian field blend. Primarily Zinfandel with some Petite Sirah, this is a generous red with a rich, jammy nose and hints of earthiness. The palate is black cherry and plum with enough acidity present to make it a very pleasant quaffer.

Sure to be a hit for barbecued and grilled meat, this versatile red will pair with a vast array of dishes. Try it with our Lindsay Goat Cheddar, Harlech, and Campo Montalban cheeses.

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