New Cheeses in the Store.

The cheese order came in late Thursday afternoon and our cheese case is full of old favorites and a couple of new cheeses that we are very excited to sample for  you when you come into the store.

Lovers of super-agsaenkantergoudaed Gouda, take note: we consider this 3-year-aged Saenkanter Gouda even better than our 5-year-aged. Made by a small dairy in northern Holland, this cheese is a prime example of what happens when cows’ milk Gouda is carefully aged for a long time. The paste firms up considerably but melts on the palate, and contains a multitude of tyrosine “flavor crystals” (converted lactose sugars) scattered throughout. It has distinct caramel-butterscotch notes and a whiskey-like aroma with the right amount of salinity. An exciting new cheese at The Gourmet Cellar! Got beer?!

 For more info on this fabulous cheese checkout this San Francisco Chronicle write-up:

Fromagerie Touchevrenoirrnevent goat dairy is located in Chesterville, Quebec, in the heartland of French Canada’s mountainous dairy country. Since 1979, they have offered a variety of goat cheeses but the most interesting is the Chevre Noir, an aged goat cheddar.

A mature goat’s milk cheddar, the paste is white and dense with an exquisite, fine and generous flavor with nutty, caramel and buttery accents. It is aged for a minimum of one year at low temperatures to preserve the deeper original milk flavors. The aging process often develops “flavor crystals” (converted lactose sugars) that literally “pop” in your mouth to enhance the flavor and pleasure.


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